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Total Logistics Services

International Freight Cargoes Consolidation

We are fully engaged in freight cargo consolidation to any worldwide destination. We conduct daily dispatching of direct or multi-destinations grouped boxes to neighboring countries and main transshipment hubs throughout the world. With direct services, there is less handling of your cargo to ensure safer transport, efficient handling and lower costs.

Airfreight / Seafreight

LPB is a leading agency that is engaged in the business of international freight forwarding by air and sea. If you are an importer or a manufacturer or any businessman seeking to export to foreign markets, we can assist you in your endeavor. We offer our esteemed clients complete logistics solutions and tailor-made packages with a focus on services. Our team of export specialists can arrange shipments to any destination in the world with a full range of documentation services, including handling of letters of credit, banking and consular legalization, as well as certificates of origin. Our smooth pre- and post shipment procedures enable us to move your freight quickly to the specified destination. While air freight is suitable for cargo that is small in size and time sensitive, sea freight should be considered when the cargo is huge and less time sensitive.

Customs Brokerage

We clear every shipment with expertise and personal attention. Our brokerage experts are dedicated to monitoring the latest import and export compliance laws and regulations. We take a personalized approach to brokerage, offering our repeat customers a “pre-wired”, streamlined process that facilitates the movement of their most frequently shipped goods through Customs. We have been a licensed customs broker since our inception, to act as brokers for the Malaysian Royal Customs and Excise Department in clearing shipments throughout Peninsular Malaysia. We also specialize in handling of shipments that require special import permit and duty exemptions for management of projects on freight and forwarding in the country. We have also developed an integral working relationship with the Customs Department for the fastest solution to all of your brokerage needs. By being linked directly with the department’s EDI system, we ensure speedy customs clearance.

Conventional Ship Handling

With skilled stevedores and expert cargo superintendents, utilizing state-of-the-art, computerized storage systems, we are able to provide the necessary ingredients to successfully handle even the most complex operations. Complete control over the discharge operations enables us to provide our customers with fast, efficient, quality handling, including the option of flexible working hours. By offering ship agency, stevedoring and secondary handling facilities, we thus can assure our valued customers of a consistent, efficient and comprehensive service.



Land Transportation / Delivery

Whatever its size and requirements for cargo-handling, we have the know-how to move project cargo safely and smoothly through our fleet of well-maintained vehicles. Not only do we cater for commercial goods, we also offer personal effects and door services catering for the expatriates. Our experience in project management includes packaging and crating at shipper/customer premises for plant re-location, and hands-on experience in customs declaration for new and used equipment/machinery for a new plant or for plant expansion.

Warehousing & Distribution

No matter how big or small your storage needs, we are able to offer you a hassle-free, safe and secure storage facility. Our modern bonded and non-bonded warehouse facilities mean clean, safe and efficient handling of your products. Since accuracy of inventory and efficient distribution control are all of major concern in the business environment today, companies are turning to their transportation partners to achieve a new and reliable level of control. Efficient cargo handling reduces direct labor cost, insurance and storage costs. Our warehouse personnel are dedicated, committed with many years of experience in the handling of various types of cargoes, both hazardous and non-hazardous. Through a network of common carriers, we have negotiated and developed an effective and safe distribution system

Forwarding & Customes Clerance

We offer a convenient and cost-effective way of handling your shipments which include anything from small to major project cargoes. This is all done through efficient and prompt customs clearance, forwarding, logistics support and other related cargo handling services. Our unrivaled quality service is made possible through our dedicated and experienced personnel and network of offices throughout the world. In addition, our company is also linked to the Customs Department and financial institutions for declaration of any import and export duty payment purposes.